Monday, 23 April 2012

Some idea

It is very hard to explain to people dont you find that have never run up a fellside or for that matter dont intend bothering what fellrunning really is like.
I get asked sometimes what its like to be able to do it.
In this picture it shows the track going up to Red Pike Summit from the Tarn.
A couple of us recced part of the Ennerdale Race route the other week after racing at Coledale and we ran to the top.
Even before you get to the tarn you have a significant run up from Buttermere Village just to get there. You then look up and realise you have to go up again.
The chatter stops and the breathing gets heavy. You finally top out after shutting out the pain. You moan a bit but then if the weather is kind, look out at a view that you wont ever forget.

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  1. Running at Kinlochleven many years ago, I said to another runner as we breasted the crest and looked down at Loch Leven, "What a view." He replied in a very grumpy manner, "I'm not here to look at the view." I think that you have got the point more than he had.