Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Coniston Fell Race

The Coniston Race route looks pretty straightforward but it is very easy to overcook it on the first climb. The bank is steep but just runnable which I managed but as soon as I topped out and started the gradual ascent up to Wetherlam I started to fade a little. Grassy slopes are not kind to me be it climbing or descending. I have refined my downhill technique a little but I will always prefer going over rock.
Going up Prison Band I felt better and then again heading up to The Old Man summit.
Previous recces of the descent back to Coniston proved invaluable and I did well coming down after initially hesitating and verbally checking a fallen runner.
A blast back down and it was all over.
A fantastic race taking in Wetherlam, Swirl How and the Old Man of Coniston.
The weather was kind to us and conditions were perfect for running in. Coniston makes a great venue for a race. Lots of cafes and the local brewery does really good beer.


  1. Hi,
    Interesting comment about downhill technique. Why do you prefer rock to grass? I guess it depends on how good your technique is but I've always thought grass is a more forgiving surface when you trip - probably why I prefer running through bogs.
    How have you refined your downhill technique?

  2. Hello John
    I just go better down rock where lots of runners are cautious. This means gaining a few places. Most fellrunners can run well down grass but there are many who freeze going down rock.
    I think its a case of me not caring about falling. I just dont. Ive fallen enough times now to know it will hurt but dont tend to think about it. Nine times out of ten it pays off. But I have had some nasty falls and most weeks like many of us I have gashed legs or knees.
    I quickly learned as I came through the ranks that in races you have to use your strengths when you can. And that means for me going flat out when it gets technical.
    Its strange but I am not good going through bogs. My stride is very short so on Tussocks, bogs etc I struggle. Give me a descent like Ben Nevis straight away.
    After 300 odd fell races I can tell you what most of the guys who run near me in races are good or not good at.

  3. Hi Daz,
    What's that in the top photo? Looks Japanese!