Friday, 11 May 2012

The culprit

A lot of people ask me about training. More so now than ever. And one of the main things that I ask people is how much time have you got to devote to training.
Not everyone gets home from work and does 2 hours a night like I do. Time is precious to us all but it is a common theme with people that I talk with when wanting to get fit is quite how much TV they watch.
Don't get me wrong I watched TV and still do.
I watch a lot of Cycling on Eurosport and Sig Hansen on Deadliest catch but that is about it.
I no nothing of the world of soaps, films, and all that kind of stuff, but people tell me there is always something to watch.
Last week a woman at spinning said to me I do not have time to train like you Darren. I then asked her how much Television she watched a week and to be honest.
The answer was 4 hrs a night = 28hrs a week.
My answer= Never tell me you have no time.
The TV has a lot to answer for with regards to putting on weight. We even have remote controls now that change channel for us. The box in the corner of the room calls us be near it, to keep it company, to look at it, to even shout at it at times. It educates us, it informs us about the world we live in, it makes us sad, it makes us happy.
But my fellow bloggers it does nothing for our health or fitness.

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