Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nodding off

The Giro d Italia is an awesome race. I prefer it to the Tour De France. My first love is the classics.
Now even for ardent fans like me who dash home at night and then watch the racing sometimes it can drag a bit. I admire Kelly and Harmon but there are only so many times that David can ask Sean what he thinks and then Sean replies " Its just amazin the pace they are gowin at".
Take the other night. I came home from work and jumped on my bike and set off for the Peak District. 55miles later and 5 big climbs I arrived back.
A quick shower and a few jobs then I put the cycling on. Usually about 90km to go and the break is on. What I have learned to do at about 60km is too have a Nod. Yes a little sleep.
BUT sometimes the excitement is just too much.
Little Miguel Rubiano lit up the race at 45km on the road to Porto sant El pidio when he jumped clear of his fellow breakaways and set off on his lonesome.
He held off and won the 207km stage .
A brilliant ride and definitely the highlight of the Giro for me up to now.
What I want to know is why we cannot have podium girls in fell running.


  1. or podium boys in cycling ;)

    Just checking out to see if you are well :) xx

  2. Yes indeed im okay
    Busy fellracing and recceing.
    Averaging about 180 miles a week on the bike at the minute.
    Hope you did okay on that fred witton bike sportive.

  3. Glad to hear you are doing great :) Yes, the Fred Whitton was ok, not as quick as I had hoped, but could not find anyone to work with :( Set off too early and ended up with a string of blokes on my wheel, into a headwind, all the way from where you hit the A66 to the bottom of Honister. They refused to work with me, none would do a turn on the front :-O

    Been MTB endurance and xc racing with great success, loving it!