Sunday, 3 January 2010


The last job of the year saw a quick dash out to British Sugar at Newark. I get to see loads of places and the sugar factories have to be visited a few times each year. The hardest job is getting in. Sign in , Induction, Safety Video, Pass, etc etc. So I took a few snapshots.
Nice sign and a big employer in Newark. British Sugar seem a good employer There season is in full swing. The CAMPAIGN as its commonly known starts in Oct and runs through until May. Thats when the sugar in the UK is made.
The sugar beet trucks stacked up with loads of sugar beet awaiting procesing.

Safety is paramount inside the plant

It was a bit murky once inside but the smell was sublime. The Molasses plant is a treat.

It still amazes me how much goes into the manufacture of a bag of sugar

There are not so many Sugar Plants left now within the UK but I still manage to get into the few that are left once in a while.

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