Sunday, 17 January 2010

Summer to Winter

Tomorrow sees a trip to Mercian Cycles in Derby. I purchased my current bike in 2007 and it is a Reynolds 953 tubed stainless frame made by Rourke Cycles of Stoke On Trent . Ultra light and in my view walks all over a carbon framed bike. The ride is unreal, amazing. I rode Bianchi Bikes for a few years and started saving for a custom made bike in 2002. So five years of putting away the pennies and I put a deposit down on my frame and forks and a couple of months later collected the fully built bike.
A large amount of money and some people have said to me that the amount of money I spent wasnt realistic BUT I work hard and wouldnt have purchased it unless I didnt have the money.
Rourke Cycles is a quality bike shop. Custom builds are there speciality.
I was in the shop with Brian for about 5 hours with him ensuring that I recieved truly top notch machine.
Ive ridden up to 157miles on it. Whether im doing a 40 odd mile fast time trial training ride to Matlock and back or riding a 100mile sportive this back just does what it says on the tin.

Problem is its tooo good for winter so im buying another steel frame and fork which will be my bad weather hack.

Ive always wanted a Mercian bike from when I was younger but at the time I ordered my 953 they were not in the position to offer me one. So Im going to order a Reynolds standard 631 frame and fork. This will give me a more softer ride for those winter days when you are not going flat out and just want a steady plod. Mercian like Rourke offer custom builds but like I say this comes at a price. These bikes are not mass produced and are made to measure.
I can virtually tell the framebuilder what size I am but its still a good idea to be measured up correctly for your frame.
This biggest cause of riders not enjoying riding a roadbike is incorrect fitment of the bike to the rider. A rider cannot be made to fit a bike, the bike must be made the proper size. Companies such as Rourke, Mercian, Dave Yates, Bob Jackson are masters at this.

A true flying machine.

The deep rims that I selected have been good but can be difficult in high winds. But if its speed thats needed this bike delivers.
Custom builds are not cheap but this bike will last me out easily. So in the long run very economically sound.
Roll on summer

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