Sunday, 31 January 2010

blackbirds or crows

Pilatus in Switzerland. Another excellent running area and it must play host to the highest blackbirds or crows in the world. These birds just simply allowed me to get my breath back and get the camera out and take a photo of them. Really bizarre.

The cable car station.

Were they tame or what. I dont know but they just didnt budge. As you got near them they just hopped around the edge wall.

This wasnt taken with my current camera and I was no further than a few inches away from the bird.

Im not great at taking pictures of wildlife ( THEY KEEP MOVING Arrrggggghhhh ) haha. But these I like.
I really need to get a better camera.


  1. Nice pictures, as always Daz. I think they're alpine choughs. I didn't realise they were so tame.

  2. ah alpine choughs
    ace thanks I appreciate that mate , cheers