Monday, 18 January 2010

So I visited Mercian Cycles today to order my Winter bike. Well not really its just an excuse for another bike. Well no I will be down to three machines when this one is ready as my lovely Bianchi will be stripped of its faithfull Campagnolo parts to be re used on this frame and fork.

Mercian have been building bikes since 1946 and to own one is really to enter into cycling legend. They are world renown for there craftmanship. I couldnt afford one years ago but ive decided to take the plunge.
I was expertly measured and id written a few measurements down prior to visiting and they actually wasnt quite spot on but near enough.
Im very small and the frame size will be slightly under a 52cm frame.
This is near to the smallest frame that Mercian can supply without having big toe overlap problems. Anyway Ive decided to go for a Strada Speciale in dark blue with white headband and barbershop pole stripes down the seat tube. The lugs will be highlighted in white and I might have the forks chromed if I save a bit more money up before its built.

The famous Mercian headtube badge

The Strada Speciale lugs

It takes a while to get a frame and forks, normally a few months but it gives you time to save up for your dream bike.
By using parts off another machine it can be a lot more cost effective. I will just get Mecian to fit the Veloce bottom bracket and put the chain on then the rest I will re fit myself.
I will post some pictures when I recieve the bike

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