Saturday, 26 December 2009


We have had a touch of snow but not as much as some have had. I was working down in Kent when they had a lot down there and I had to take one or two of the old roads to get home. Badger loves the snowy weather and is always waiting at the door when I get home. He seems to go faster when it has snowed.
Hmmm maybe though thats me going slower on the hard slippery frosty ground

He sometimes runs off in front and has the cheek to sit there waiting
Torch on here. He has a bike light attached to his collar at this time of year. Also Badger will suddenly stop for no reason and start stamping on the ground

Coming back to fetch me. A good collie will always wait for his master. Even though Badger can sometimes run ahead, he will never run off. If I stop he stops and constantly checks my whereabouts.

No trains today mate

The cricket club seems a bit quiet at this time of year. I love this sign its great.
Here we are having a minute. You can see the hills in the background that we have come from. Halfway.

Stuck behind a truck in Kent just as the snow came. Sadly even if we had got snowed out that night, this truck wasnt carrying any overnight cakes.


  1. I delight in the Tales of the Badger. What a fine dog. He reminds me greatly of my boon companion Jake, of blessed memory. Always running ahead, then back again to herd his people along. (C'mon, c'mon - try to keep up, will you? There is so much to see . . . )

    Happy New Year, Daz! - Gerry

  2. Happy new year Daz.
    And happy blogging for 2010