Sunday, 1 November 2009


Sometimes I despair with Badger. Now all Border Collie's have a weird side to them but Badger has one that drives me mad.
He will not drink from his bowl at home. Never has and I don't think he ever will.
Fortunately we have loads of available drinking spots nearby.
We have our own pond which he uses as his regular drinking hole but when out on a run with me, most nights he just has to stop at every water stop on our route.
If he feels like it he will have a wander in and investigate. This means the run becomes a stop/start affair.

Waiting for him again whilst he drinks
Ah a further investigation it seems

The canal

Ive known this water to be green but he still drinks it. Give him sparkling mineral water and he turns his nose up.

Chadwicks Pond
Chadwicks Pond again

The Erewash Canal

Bottom Canal

Dale Farm Pond

Dale Furnace Pond
There are loads more ponds and lakes around here. I have a run that takes in twelve ponds in about 8 miles.
As I once use to do a bit of fishing in my youth I take great interest in them.

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  1. A fine dog, Badger, and fussy as a cat. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy would drink from the brackish wetlands where the mosquitoes breed. But the Cowboy does like to investigate the Bay, particularly the waterfowl that swim off, leading him ever farther and farther into trouble . . .