Sunday, 29 November 2009


Now really this is the time of year that running can test your mind. Ive lost count of runners that have said to me. " Daz when winter comes I just give up ". I really empathise with these people as it does become hard to continue training when the dark nights come along and especially when we have had a fortnight of rain.
I think I have five pairs of wet fell shoes hanging on nails in the shed at the moment.
But to continue with races the training must be done and even though the races become less frequent at this time of year Ive managed to keep at nearly 50miles a week for the last four weeks. Much of this training has been over the muddy and boggy hills trailing behind badger with his flashing red collar and one of those fancy L.E.D cycle lights that you can now get. All in the murky dark.
The first few weeks of running with your headtorch on are a novelty and you can get away with lets say trespassing over a few areas that you just cannot do when its light.
But that's passed now and it becomes a continual effort to trudge night after night over that terrain.
I broke last weeks running up by doing a 9 mile ROAD, argggggggggggggh yes road run( Badger wasn't impressed with this as he cannot come with me).
But the darkness is hard. The only time I get really eager to go out is when its a full moon. I'm not sure why but full moon training runs are special.

Taken whilst having a rest on a 12mile night run with badger over the hills.

The relays have finished and now the races are less and less frequent

This time of year is hard and a rest is needed but not too much.

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