Monday, 30 November 2009

Todays Run

Right todays run saw Badger and myself have a quick run up to Bleaklow Head from Crowden.
First off cross the road and straight on to the sign and stile. Take the left turn up to the dam( Dont go straight forward and right as this is the longer way around to the lower dam wall and takes you around to Reaps Farm.
Anyway we head left and run along with the concrete culvert on our left heading up to the upper dam( but not along it). After a few minutes you reach the steps that take you up and over the outflow structure that discharges water in high flood.

Turn left after crossing the road, go through the gate and head up to the upper dam structure.
After the gate run along with the culvert on your left hand side. After a few minutes you reach the steps

Water discharge outflow structure on your right just as you reach the steps.

Climb up the steps and head right over the outflow. Run over this then head up the track to the road crossing.

As you cross over the structure you can see the main water run off in the distance. Dont run left up to this but just carry straight on and up to the road. The run off was in full flow today and made for some impressive pictures.

100yds after the structure and you head up to the road. A metal gate has to be gone through. Go straight forward,( Dont turn left or right on the ROAD).

Cross the road then an identical gate leads you left up an incline for 30yds. Your going left now but at the top you meet the Longdendale Trail. Turn right signposted TORSIDE. Head down the trail and dont stop until you meet the sign that says Wildboar Clough to the left. Turn left and make your way over the stile and start the climb up to the foot of the Clough.
The Longdendale Trail, take the Torside Car Park sign. Dont turn left for Woodhead Upper Dam

The sign post showing left to Wildboar Clough. Follow this or you will end up at Reaps Farm.
30yds after the sign head up over this stile.

Head over the stile and follow the well marked track that takes you up through the trees and onto the base of Wildboar Clough. Its well trodden and you cannot go wrong.
The path as you start to gain height

After a few minutes climbing you reach another stile. Head over this and just keep gaining height. The path is very straight forward as you approach Wildboar Clough.
After a bit of climbing you have to cross from the right hand side of the Clough over to the left. The path crosses the stream and you just climb up the bank on the opposite side up to the fence. Just carry on up with the fence on your left for a few yards and make your way up the Clough which remember is now on your right. Your now about half way up the Clough.
Carry on up the path which is a bit fainter now as your in quite a few stones. You meet a Waterfall on your right. As you climb dont drop low into the Clough itself , just keep climbing and eventually you will meet the path that comes around from Lawrence edge.

Waterfall about half way up the Clough. Keep climbing. The path is faint but keep the Clough on your right and you cant go wrong.
This is what your heading for. A little snowy today and it felt chilly in shorts. As you near the top of the Clough you get onto the more trodden path. You just keep climbing and eventually meet the path that goes left which takes you up to Bleaklow Head. Its still a fair way when you reach the top of the Clough so just keep plodding and you will get there quick enough.

Result. The stake at Bleaklow Head soon comes into view. A quick kiss from Badger and we head back down the way we come. It was very cold on top today. You wouldnt have wanted to hang around for more than a few minutes. My feet were like blocks of ice but the view was clear. It started sleeting as we ran off the top to head back down Wildboar Clough. By the time we got back to Crowden the sun was shining again.

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  1. Mr Uhdd can't wait till Spud the puppy is big enough to take out running.