Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fair Week

Its Ilkeston Charter Fair week. In fact its the 757th Fair to be held in the town.
I dont normally get around to going as its very busy and costs parents a small fortune each year.
But last night we ventured (up town) as they say and I decided to take a few pictures of the various rides. Some of them are huge. The fair shuts off the whole town for the week and it really is a showstopper.
Traditionally held two weeks after the Nottingham Goose Fair which is slightly larger.

The rides are a lot different from when I was a teenager
There are still some old ones. The Cake Walk has been here since I can remember

A modern ride that I wont be going on

The old big wheel, another ride that I remember from my childhood

Helter Skelter made from wood

This one is called chaos

Make sure you have no loose change in your pocket

Rides everywhere

The fair lights up the whle town in a sea of neon


This one is just a blur

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