Saturday, 17 October 2009


As the demolition of the steelworks nears completion its now dawning on me just what a desolate piece of wasteland is being left behind. There wont be many more pictures left to take now of the once mighty industrial giant that the plant once was.
Not much left now, barely a shell

Badger takes a drink at our new found water spot

No more molten metal movements sadly

Would be interesting to know just how much steel there was in scrap. Must have been thousands of tonnes

This was the heart of the plant prior to closing. My father in law will know exactly what part of the plant this is. The Cupola was capable of melting iron 24hrs a day 7 days a week

The Wellman cranes awaiting there fate. Im told they are just going to be pushed off the end of the crane rails

You can hardly make out the CMP building now

From the back it looks even worse
The next lot od photo's will probably be the last

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