Saturday, 3 October 2009

Erewash Valley

The Erewash Valley is under threat currently. Partly due to the demise of the ironworks. Its a worrying time for the greenbelt land that sits directly behind the works site. The area that the steelworks covers is very large and it seems inevitable that the land will be developed on. Talk of 4000 houses to be built and although this isnt really a problem its the road that the developers want to drive through the greenbelt land thats the major issue.
This proposed road will destroy the land and I for one cannot even think that anyone would even contemplate building it.
I suppose they call it progress. More of the protest later but for now the Erewash valley remains as beautiful as ever.
Signs like this have been erected across the proposed road route.

The terrain of the valley is very undulating

I think badger knows the valley better than me

The area is quite hilly in places and you can get some great views on a clear day.

The giant Ratcliffe Coal Fired Power Station

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