Wednesday, 7 March 2012

sticks and stones , and maybe pebbles

Well the last couple of Fell Races after Winter Hill went well but winter training continues. We are pushing through into less darker nights and it feels like the drudge of training night after night is starting to come to an end. For me and many fellrunners its time to add a bit of structure to our training. Hill Reps sharpen the legs and help you run up hill faster.
One problem with hill reps is you can forget how many you have done. A little trick is to just pile up some pebbles at the bottom of the hill and every rep you throw one aside.
I even know a very good runner who uses little sticks and has the dog doing reps alongside them. That must get some strange looks I bet.
So whether you pile up pebbles, sticks or even get your faithful dog to count for you.
Happy Hill repping and role on spring.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Daz :)

    I have just started putting some structure in my training as well, and did hill reps last night, on the bike :) Love your idea of sticks or stones to keep track, but I used the trusty Garmin :) Another good one is to use one of those sweet kiddies necklaces as a wrist band and eat a sweet after each rep :)

    I hear you are getting well speedy ;)

    x Hann