Friday, 9 March 2012

Honest it really doesn't

Hurt one bit
Usually, actually nearly every race I finish I get a little scratch or two like those in the picture. Search enough and you will find far worse. My BG partner ripped his knee open after falling on his bike a while back. Ive seen broken legs, broken this and broken that. My good friend Steve Taylor ( Amex ) to those in the trade had an horrendous accident. It can be dangerous but the reward outweighs the knocks we fellrunners get.
A friend asked me last week truly if it does hurt.
I dont really think about it.
Everyone falls at some point. But in fellrunning if its a bad one we always stop and help.
Cuts, breaks, scratches, bruises.
Dont become a fellrunner if you dont want any of these over time.
Be safe and good running


  1. Looks like you were going fast Daz. The blood has been blown sideways in the slipstream.

  2. Good effort! A race without some kind of minor innocuous injury that looks worse than it actually is, is like toast with no jam.
    (kind of).

  3. Johnny Hoogerland would approve.