Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stan Bradshaw Fell Race

This should have been a fairly straightforward race. But then fellracing has taught me to expect the unexpected.
The race is run in memory of the great Stan Bradshaw. One of the true greats of our sport. I did the full Tour of Pendle a while back so this one which is about half the distance would be easier.
Trouble was the clag was down and I don't know Pendle Hill that well. The start was okay but I just failed to keep with the front five runners and as I reached checkpoint one I was truly on my own. Very very quickly I lost the race route and after briefly looking at the map realised I had strayed way off course. After a good five mins myself and a couple of other runners stumbled upon some local Clayton Le Moor runners and we stayed with them for a bit before going in front again. I lost loads of time but enjoyed the race route.
That's Fellracing though.
You cannot recce them all but it sure helps.

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