Monday, 19 March 2012

Lads Leap English Championships

Its funny how a race can bring you back down to earth. Now I have gone past the 40 mark I am going to do the English Championship races.
Lads leap on Saturday was the first one. A short race with a bit of everything thrown in. Last year I was 3rd at this race in 49mins 30secs. This time would be very different. The course was slightly altered to suit the large field of runners and I think it made it slightly longer in distance. Not much though.
The field of runners at one of these races is unlike other races though. You have most of the real class guys in the country attending. Top fellrunners like Lloyd Taggart, Simon Bailey, Morgan Donnelly, Rob Hope etc etc etc. The list goes on.
The times are closer together as there are more runners and seconds make huge differences. Its flat out from the start with no respite. I went off okay and climbed pretty well. I wasn't to far behind Mike Fanning and Gavin Bland but as I topped out to head over the boggy section I got slightly held up a little bit and then took a fall. I could see Mick Stenton of Dark Peak Fellrunners just in front of me which spurred me on though. The middle descent came and I could let go a bit but to catch the group in front going up through the quarry would be ultra hard. It was and although I passed a couple of runners I just could not push that little bit extra. The final descent was fine and all too soon the finish came.
I was 44th and 11th Vet40.
Simon Bailey won the race in about 44mins I think which is just at a level that 99 per cent of fellrunners cannot comprehend.
Pennine had a great turnout and we had some good performances.
The next race is the Coledale Horseshoe.
The race also takes in the Derbyshire Championships. I came 2nd with Lloyd taking the win.
Brilliant organisation from Des Gibbons and his team.

looking a bit jaded after the fall.
Picture courtesy of Bryan Mills. The Tipton flyer

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