Sunday, 2 October 2011

Leg 4 Ian Hodgson Relay

Well the annual Ian Hodgson Relay had finally come round. I have lost count now of how many recces I had done. First one way then try a different line here or there just to make sure I had it right in my head. I did but then it got switched around to run clockwise instead of anticlockwise. Try running in the opposite direction and see how different it can be, and that's just on a clear day.
I was down to run the Leg with Ultra Fast Adam Perry. Adam is fast and I knew we would be a strong pairing
Our other six runners had given us a good position in the Mixed Team race. The problem being Bingley had two very quick runners on there Leg 4. Ian Holmes and Andy Peace no less. This would be tough and I knew it even before the relay had started in the morning. So it was up to Hartsop hall for the start. Claire and Steph flew in rapid and to be fair we only just was ready for them.
The run up was tough. I prefer steep and Adam prefers slightly less steep so he pulled me along the first part and I pulled him up to Hart Crag. I knew the Bingley lads would overtake us at some point and that we may have a chance to catch them on the descent from St Sunday Crag. A quick dib in at Hart Crag in thick mist and Adam led the way across Fairfield to Cofa Pike. He picked a dream line down the scree and then we cut around and dropped nicely into Deepdale Hause. We headed up the path to St Sunday Crag and topped out but found no dibbing point. Quickly realising that we had not topped out we ran a bit further to the actual summit which again was in thick mist. Adam after doing a recce the night before took us off the summit and down the grassy slope which picked up the main path which takes you to the final checkpoint at the gate on Thornhow End.
As we came back into clear weather I could make out the Bingley lads in the distance. We hammered it and started to gain time. I knew it would be close and Adam did as well. By the time we neared the gate to dib in I had seen Ian Holmes just nip through the gate. I dibbed in and we floored it down the steps gaining on the two in front very quickly. They only had about 20 mtrs on us going onto the road section at the end and as we sprinted through the field and into the finish funnel we were 7 seconds behind them.
What a finish.
Thats fellracing at its most thrilling. 4hrs 21minutes ish of racing and it came down to a second or two.
It wouldn't have been possible for Adam and me to even have that chance of going for the win without our other team mates
Leg 1 Lucy and Edie
Leg 2 Muir and Paul
Leg 3 Steph and Claire
So a big big thanks to them.
2nd place in the mixed was a great achievement.

St Sunday Crag from Fairfield Plateau

Thornhow End Checkpoint

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  1. Well done. I had the same experience on St Sunday - shouting at my team mate "where's the dibber" for him to shout back "we're not at the top yet". Great run in from St Sunday though.