Thursday, 13 October 2011


A brave runner told me this week that injury had occurred. As runners we despair if we cannot run.
I must run, I must run we tell ourselves. The runner in our heads demands that we carry on regardless.
But when injury strikes, particularly if its a bad one that requires rest and rehabilitation we must stop.
Then we worry that our fitness will leave our bodies faster than a rocket. Its true we may lose fitness but to be honest this will return very quickly.
There is a runner I know who has ten weeks off a year and comes back better each time he starts back training.

Use the time out as a reflection on the big picture. Most runners will get an injury at some time in their careers. I cracked some ribs a good while back but came back stronger. I did too much one winter and had horrendous knee problems.
Both times after 1 day of not running I was panicking that I may never run again.

Let me reassure that this rarely happens.
Most runners I know when they are back have said the time off did me good.

Keep the faith, rest, try a bit of cross training, swimming, biking, even a pub quiz or two.
And before long you will be back clocking up the miles


  1. Good post Daz. I have Stef staying with me at present and she cannot run for the time being. I just read out what you'd written and its helped her. See you soon

  2. I must admit that I'm really enjoying cycling while I can't (not supposed to) run.