Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Langdale Fell Race

The Langdale Race started a bit slow for me. I struggled on the first climb up to Stickle Tarn. This happens to me in some races whereby I just find it difficult on the first climb. I know from experience it will pass though and I will get faster s the race goes on.
The run behind Pavey Ark towards Thunacar Knott went a bit better and by the time I was crossing the very boggy Martcrag Moor I was getting into my stride.
All seemed fine by the time I got to checkpoint 3 at Esk Hause but 5 minutes later I slipped badly on a slab of rock and cracked my head on it. Blood started pouring out and from this point on I would be in get round mode.
A couple of the usual lads checked me to see how I was but I waved them on. I latched onto the last two lads in the group and managed to bring myself around a bit as we trudged over Ore Gap and up to Bowfell Top.
On the run over to Long Top to checkpoint 5 I felt a bit better and the rain was washing the blood off my face which felt good. A jump down the Bad Step and then it was just a matter of Blisco Summit to reach and the long run back down to The Old Dungeon Ghyll.
An hour in First Aid to get patched up and someone told me I was 11th.
Just happy to be safe really.
I will be back to try for a top ten next year.

It was a nasty day and the race saw a few fallers on the route. I was lucky really


  1. Well done in those conditions, Daz. I've seen on the FRA thread how many 'mishaps' there were. Thank the rain for the wash, eh?

  2. a head injury and 11th!! nice one :) hope you're recovering well.