Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Heavy Snow fell yesterday and the run over the hills was tough going for me. Badger was a good way up ahead and I noticed he had stopped with his nose in the ground. His flashing collar in the distance got brighter as I approached him and then he started barking. I got near him and I spotted an injured Gull on the ground with a broken wing. I scooped it up and put it in my bumbag and ran the 7 miles back home through the snow as gingerly as I could. We got home in blizzard conditions and put the little bird in a box with a dark sheet over it.
I dropped it off at the vets this morning. Maybe it will have a chance.


  1. Read that on the fell runner's forum!
    keep us posted.


  2. Aww, poor gull. What an ordeal it's had already (in the bumbag at least ;-). I hope it survives.