Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to anyone who chances upon my blog. I will spend the day with my head buried in a cycling book probably. Ive had a couple of good ones. The Spring Classics, Cycling's Golden Age, The Pioneer.
Oh and one called the Hills are stuffed with Swedish Girls.
So have a good day all and dont eat to much.

Fausto Coppi pranking about at a six day meeting. I must admit I laughed when I sa this picture this morning. Reminded me of the day I tried this very stunt on our street when I was young. All went well and I looked the part on my Raleigh Arena racing bike until I decided to go one step further and stand ( yes stand on the seat and try no hands). I ended up in a heap half way down the street in tears with my bike a bit messed up. This after being run over by a car just a few weeks earlier.

First part of a book this morning. Salvarini Rider the great Felice Giomondi.
Tour de France
World Road Race
Paris Roubaix

All that and he was riding for a kitchen manufacturing team. See Christmas day learns you a lot.


  1. Happy Christmas Daz

  2. hope you had a great christmas. i've been given 'la course en tete' as an xmas pressie, saving it for a post ride tea and cake fest ;)

    happy new year, hope to meet you out on the hill this year.