Thursday, 16 September 2010

Yorkshireman half marathon

Well its a few years since I did a half marathon but I did the Yorkshireman one last weekend. Starting at the school in Haworth its not your standard 13 miles and a bit but has 2 x extra miles added on just for good measure. I set off pretty quickly as I wanted to do a good time. Lots of mud but very runnable for most of the way which made it hard. A couple of wrong turns but nothing major on the way back and I managed to finish in 13th place, not to far behind the leader. So I was pleased with that.
Haworth is a lovely place with a nice steam train which could be heard just as you got near the finish and the final cobbled hill that has to be negotiated before you cross the line.
At £13 to enter and a quality t shirt thrown in. This has to be good value if not one of the most value for money races in the calendar. Thanks to Charlie the organiser and his large team of helpers. It runs alongside the full marathon which I def wasnt going to attempt after just a week of doing Ben Nevis. Maybe next year eh.

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