Saturday, 25 September 2010

Royal Dungworth International Fell Race

I'm presuming this race is called the Royal Dungworth race because it's run from near the Royal pub. Not quite sure why it's international though. Well with a few hours to spare I decided to drive to Dungworth and try it for the second time. It's a very basic race which makes it a good one. Alan Yates basically takes a quid entry fee and you write your number on your hand in felt tip and then he gives a jovial speech and then shouts off.
All was going well and securely in 5fth position until the final few fields whereby the front lads decided to take a detour and have a look at the local herd of rare breed cows. I duly followed and within a few moments we all realized we had gone badly off route. The runner behind me who is a good friend shouted us back and we hot footed it back over the fields and leapt two walls to get back en route. Anyway I only lost two places and wasn't bothered.
It really is a lovely race . You won't find it well advertised but if you ask a Dark Peak runner , he or she will guide you in the right direction.

Some of Alan,s quotes in his pre start speech.

The course is marked with tape but I've been informed that cows have been seen eating it, I cannot be held responsible.

The route is shaped basically like a bent tennis racket.

The course conditions are truly sublime.

It's the only race I know where the entry fee is taken in a bras so tin with a slot in it.
Brilliant, that's what fell racing is all about.

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