Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Stanage Struggle Fell Race

Ive not done this race for a few years and was quite looking forward to it. I run the route a few times during the year if Im passing through Hathersage so I know it very well. It was a big field with loads of runners. I set off pretty quick but didnt go overboard on the climb as I knew the wind would be against us along the top to the trig point. At the top of the climb I was very fortunate to have Noel my teammate overtake me. He dragged me through the wind past the trig and onto the turning point for the return run. Now I can descend quickly if the terrain is right. If its rough and wet then I fly. Were you turn on the Stanage race is exactly that for a few minutes. I took a few risks and plunged down as fast as I could. Over the undulating section I had to work as hard as Ive worked in a race all year to hold off the runners that I passed on the descent. I collapsed at the end having come 7th place.

A brilliantly run race by the Fat Boys Running Club who organise it. I collected a T shirt at the finish but in the school playround was a guy who hadnt quite managed to come in the first 40 which automatically gets you a t shirt so I handed it him. He smiled and said thankyou your a gentleman. That made my day.
Once again thanks to Noel for dragging me along.


  1. Giving the shirt away...its people like you Daz that make fell running such a pleasure. Great result in all respects mate.

  2. Well run. Do you have your sights set on anything at the moment?

  3. You weren't looking like you were fading from where I was. Brilliant run Daz.

  4. Simon I never plan too far ahead to be honest mate. I take each race as it comes. I've altered my training plan this year and it's paid off. Less races and a bit more quality training and getting back to my cycling. Lots of road biking in the peak district. I've had some good results this year and I'm now a vet 40 so I'm pleased at that. My main aim has passed and that was Ben Nevis. I might do the royal international dung worth fell race on Saturday. It's a cracker.