Thursday, 20 September 2012

You know who you are

As a pretty Non Judgemental type person maybe I am guilty in seeing the good in everyone.
But it seems that in the male dominated world of Road Cycling we have a minority of guys that seem to just, well have a laugh when they come across a woman on a road bike and really really are not being good. Maybe I am just a gentleman.
Tell me it doesn't happen and I will tell you I have seen it.

I have even heard it from Female Roadies.

You have to wonder
Three MEN cyclists are out in front. Oh we can all ride at twenty five miles an hour eh lads.
Picture the scene.

Now she has a dilemma. SHE , does she have a name, Lets call her Joanne. Hey well maybe we could ask. After all she is a person and a fellow rider and hey must be pretty good because she has caught us. Oh and its windy. So that's even more embarrassing

To catch up and try and have a chat with the three guys whom she has never met before. Will they be accepting and allow Joanne into their little world of proper bikes and correct ways of riding.
( Err no we will keep quiet and say nowt )
( Ive seen it and heard it). There was a comment on the fellrunner forum about a bloke not speaking to another male rider. What chance has Joanne got?.

Does she pass them and risk them thinking ( WE AINT HAVING THAT , NO WAY )
( Ive seen it and heard it ) and in fellraces.

So pretty negative. I know I know most men will be accepting and welcoming but there does need to be a change.

I was riding in a group with a Joanne a while back and after a few miles it was her turn to ride point which she duly accepted and took her turn and went on the front and pulled us along nicely. I was amazed at the difference in attitude when the guys realised that actually she was strong enough and willing enough to just not want to be towed around but to be treated as an equal.

So cm on guys
Play the game and lets really start to promote the Women who try desperately hard to get recognition in our sport. Lets do our bit.
Yes at this current time the ration is probably about 1 in 20 riders you see are Women.
It starts at our level
Do your bit

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