Thursday, 20 September 2012

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Possibly for me the memory highlight in a cycling packed year. But there is a problem still in cycling and I am not talking about doping.
Women's cycling for me has huge potential. Whenever I ask a fellow rider on what they think of women's cycling at the top level, a lot of them just simply reply well women are something nice to look at on a bike !!!!, Hey what ?.
This really winds me up.
For too long now women have had to put up with a rubbish infrastructure, crap pay, poor exposure, lack of interest, and a general well its only women attitude.
Well its time it changed.
I will say what I think.
Women should have a system in place that treats them equal to the men in cycle racing.
The UCI or Pat and his cronies need to start getting real. They have done virtually nothing to promote the sport of Professional Women's Racing.
Teams come and go and what incentive does that give to an up and coming young female rider. The pay they receive is a pittance.
Hey SKY. what about sorting out a Pro Cycling Team. I have personally asked Dave Brailsford this and Shane Sutton.
Both replied that it is out of their hands.
SKY could fund a Women's Team on the back of half a days profit. So why not ???.
Is it lack of public interest = Well bloody promote it
Is it lack of infrastructure or lack of races = Well lean on the damm UCI
Is it too risky = Hey whats to lose, the public love cycling and I am confident they would watch it more if it was just actually known about and covered more.
At the moment some of our best Female cyclists are struggling to make their way in the sport whilst the likes of Cavendish, Wiggins and many of the young SKY riders and other riders on British teams make a very good living.
We have had a fantastic year and right up until just after the Tour of Britain I was thinking hey come on SKY announce a bloody women's PRO cycling team.
Its all gone quiet though.
I say cut the men's team in half and form a women's team whilst they have the chance.
Will they wont they.
Come on SKY lets have a bit of common sense

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