Sunday, 8 May 2011

On a more serious note

Well today I had a great time with Badger at the fell race and upon arriving back home I decided to have an hour on the bike on my rollers on the back garden. Trouble was my next door neighbours children was playing on their back garden and the rollers are noisy so I thought I know I will do short hill reps up our hill for an hour. Now this involves a short loop with a climb of about 2 minutes that I do flat out and then coast around the loop. Total time about 4 1/2 minutes per loop. I set off and after about half a dozen hill reps I start another loop and all of a sudden I feel a twang across my chest. At first I thought my headphones had come out and I had yanked them from my ears, but no the Smiths were still playing away. I then thought Id had a sharp pain in my chest. Well I carried on thinking I had imagined it then on the very next loop after the hill climb it happened again. Twang and a sharp pain across my chest. This time it was like a pulling on my jersey. The bike even lurched and I thought " what the hell". Now I know I had not imagined that. I carried on feeling my chest and jersey wondering what was going on. Once more I descended after the hill and sure enough It bloody happened again. This time I floored it up the hill and low and behold as I desceded again I caught two lads tying fishing line from a lampost across to the back of a pick up van. I was totally staggered. The two lads shot into a house and I was left there in the middle of the road wondering if this was really happening. By now I had noticed that the line had actually cut into my jersey and that they had left the fishing reel on the pavement that they had been getting the line off to tie across the road. So they had cottoned on that I was doing repeat efforts and decided to tie the line across the road and then see what would happen. God knows what would have happened if the line had been a lot stronger.
So I knocked on the door and 15 minutes later the kids were getting a major telling off by their parents. In all the years of running and riding Ive seen some things. I have had bricks thrown at me. Flour and eggs. Ive been pushed in a canal and even slapped on the back by a passing car, but never had anyone try and physically go out there way to try and decapitate me or try to pull me off the bike.
Its left me wondering if these lads actually know the difference between right and wrong.
Was it because I have a nice fancy bike or maybe its that I wear lycra in various colours of that they simply just was bored on a Sunday afternoon. I will never know.
There is not many things that leave me speechless but this is one.
Next post will be happier I am sure


  1. Daz, I don't know how you told that story so calmly and merely referred to them as 'lads'.

  2. wtf!!! i've heard tales of of trails being sabotaged to stop mtb'ers but this is just insane. glad you're ok and no serious injury.

  3. Daz, so glad you are okay and bloody heck I don't know what's wrong with folks sometimes.

  4. read this and really am stuck for words Daz, what on earth is happening in the world. From your comments i am glad it was not sea line, or you might have not been so good! I am sure that Mum and Dad would be been totally embarrassed but you never know nowadays!

  5. Flabbergasted! You would have been well in your rights to have reported them. Lets hope they have learnt a lesson for life from this.