Friday, 13 May 2011

Burbage Skyline Race

This really is a gem of a midweek race and it gets popular. Its possibly because of its location and the fact i has a bit of everything. It was another Pennine Championship race but I am trying not to think about that too much. A manic start like last year and I think over 300 runners turned up. We all went slightly wrong at one point and had to bound our way through some deep heather. That didnt help the legs going up Higger Tor but then it must have been the same for everyone else. I knew I was having a good run as I didnt walk at any point during the race. The only downside to this race is that you simply dont get chance to see a view because of the speed of it. The run back from the bridge is quite technical in places and before you know it your flying down the track to the finish. We had a big turnout from Pennine whic was really good. I managed 9th place which Im happy with.
Highlight of the night was seing some of the new Pennine runners doing very well and also a special mention to a fellow blogger and clubmate Noel's partner Mrs Noel who has returned to racing. Well done Mrs Noel, take it steady and have a speedy recovery. good luck with the scans on the knee.

Pictures courtesy of Bryan and Al

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  1. Thanks from Mrs Noel. She says her knee is not too bad after the race. Fingers crossed for the scans.