Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Its odd but I had until about a month ago never been up Haystacks. I have now and whilst up in the Lake District I was taken up there by a fellow runner. The route we did also took in Fleetwith Pike which I posted a picture of earlier in the blog.
It was a great run and to be honest i didnt once think about Alfred Wainwright. We reached the summit on our run, had a quick look at the tarn, took in the view and then ran down off it. A special moment in my life. Its really about the last Lakeleland summit that I had not done and I suppose a bit like finding a needle in the Haystack, its just taken me a while to tick it off. Thousands of walkers and felltype persons make it their first summit. Yes its made famous by Mr Wainwright so they head there in droves. For me it was a couple of hours after a race, perfect weather and a spur of the moment idea. Tired raced out legs made the climb up a tough one but it was certainly worth it.


  1. beautiful! Nothing like a nice summit.

  2. Absolutely goregous, congrats on your summit.