Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lads Leap Fell Race

Ive done this one before a few years ago but this time round we went the opposite way. A big climb at the start which quickly has you questioning your sanity. But Lads leap came into view soon enough and the its a quick run out over the top before dropping down and doing another big climb before retracing your steps and plunging down to the Activity Centre and back to the campsite. Its quite a technical course with some rapid rocky descents which I like. The guy in front of me fell nasty on the first descent and then I went and did the same further on. We were both on the limit and he just pulled away from me to take 2nd place but I was well happy with 3rd overall. The rocky parts working to my advantage. Great organisation from Mr Des Gibbons and Company. Its a cracking venue is Crowden in the Peak and a good starting point for anyone taking up Fellrunning or racing for the first time.

A nice bottle of wine and I treated myself to a Caramel Starbucks latte on the way home.
Sadly I had to report the handing over of Penistone's team prize from the Ian Roberts Fell Race a week or two ago. Pennine got given it by mistake. The 12 pack of John Smiths has travelled about 1500miles further than it should have. But at least now its finally found its correct home.


  1. nice one daz! looks like you'll be flying come the lakes :)

  2. Amazing job, Daz! Sorry about the tumble and hope that you are feeling quite well today.