Monday, 11 April 2011

Kinder Downfall Race

A very hot Downfall race this time around. I initially thought I had gone off to fast but the goal on this race is simply to get up William Clough quickly then have enough in your legs to run even faster across the top past the Downfall then run even faster again down to Edale Cross before running even more faster down Tunstead fields then past the campsite and into the finish field.
Its a cracking race and one I had been training very hard for. I thought I could go sub 1hr 12 mins but just went over. Maybe on a cooler day. A few good tips from a teammate Mr Dunn beforehand who has a fantastic record on this course. So another good race and I was really pleased with 3rd place and to play my part in the team prize with Darren Dunn and Nat Winfield.
My legs have never ached as much as when I got up this morning but the 12mile run tonight still had to be done.

Great organisation and a Gem of a race in the fellracing calendar


  1. Great job Daz. I'd say with the temperature you did excellent and you look very strong in your photos. Looks like a very cool race!

  2. that's some fantastic running!!