Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sometimes words just are not enough

Ive had a few tough days this last week. A very busy work schedule and a lot of training and a race as well left me feeling a bit tired and low. This morning I was a bit weary and tonight I didnt want to go training. I put the TV on earlier though and watched some more of the pictures of the disaster that is happening in Japan. I mean its unreal. You think your having a bad day but my heart goes out to all those people that have been affected. I really cannot put any words together to describe it.

So if you think your having a bit of a bad day or are having a moan at work like we all sometimes do. Just spare a thought for those people in Japan.
Needless to say I went training and just said Darren get on with it, what have you to grumble at.

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  1. I admitt I havent run for 3 days now but you are quite right about using the I'm having a bad day excuse. It just does not even register on the scale of life compared to those people in Japan that are caught in the middle of all the horrors that have beseiged them. Truly awful.