Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cloud 9 Fell Race

I did this race a few years ago and thought I would have another crack at it. After doing a hundred miles on my roadbike the previous day I was aching a little bit and on the start line was wondering if I had made the correct decision. There was nearly 400 runners packed into the little track that leads you to Bosely Cloud. The weather was cold but sunny unlike the day before on the bike when I froze coming back down the A6 from Buxton. So we started and the leading ten pulled away. There isnt much fell terrain in this race and it really does help the road runners. I was catching the runners in front of me going up the cloud and even passed two on the short technical descent but then you have 3 or 4 miles to run to the finish and it is really a road race back. The guys in front pulled away and I was stranded on my own just hanging on really. I pulled a little bit back over the muddy fields but by the time we reached the disused railway track my legs were saying hang on Darren steady up. I didnt quite manage to go under the hour but was pleased with 12th place. A very large field of runners and not quite my type of route. The views ( all be it 3 seconds) from the top of the Cloud was amazing. You could see the dishes at Jodrell Bank and the whole of the Cheshire Plains.
Well organised and a nice bit of Soup and Flapjack at the finish. The flapjack being absolutely fantastic. I did try a muffin but that didnt quite hit the spot.


  1. Good run, wasnt too far behind you I came in at 67 mins.

  2. Looks like lovely scenery and well done on your finish!