Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ian Roberts Fell Race

The last time I was in Marsden was at the Tankies Trog fell race last year. The Ian Roberts Fell race is one I have missed but not this time around. Brilliantly organised by Holmfirth Harriers its a belter and starts at the Cricket club nr Marsden town centre. A very tough and fast start into the wind made it feel very difficult and the sheer amount of tussocks to run over made this race seem much harder than it said it was in the calendar. It felt more than the stated 900ft of climb.
I was going well until I fell whilst coming down the final descent but managed to recover and after a bit of a detour from the correct route I managed to just about run up the final steep climb and run in for 3rd at the finish. The spread laid on at the finish was superb. The two coffee ladies kept us all refreshed and I must admit to a couple of flapjacks and a cup cake. I stopped on the way home to give Badger a run out and he was filthy when he jumped back in the van. Alas I then spent 2 hrs clippin him because a long haired collie and wet peat dont go with laminate flooring. More pictures of Badger the now smooth haired border collie to follow as I have not quite finished the job yet.
A very good race and highly recommended.


  1. Fantastic result, well done Daz.

  2. Well done and hope that you aren't sore from your fall today.

  3. Finishing 3rd after a fall! Awesome :)