Monday, 5 July 2010

Skiddaw Fell Race

Well last year it was very hot but this time around it rained very hard. It was quite windy as well. The race was cut short at the gate just before the summit plateau so I was back a few minutes before I expected to be. I came home in 21st place, managed to actually run all the way to the gate as well. Last year in that heat I had to walk a few small parts of the climb but this time I was detemined to run all he way up. Anyway the summit wasn't to be but still it was a great race in tough conditions. If your planning your first Lakeland Fell race this one taks some whacking.
I turned at the gate and still couldn't beat Kenny Stuarts record. Hey Ho

Heading back towards the drop down past Latrigg. This is the point your legs start to say NO NO NO.
A brilliant race.


  1. Agreed. Brilliant race. I saw you blast past me as I was going up. Recognised you from your blog. I would have liked to continue to the top as well, but, as has been discused on the forum it was the marshals decision.
    I have also posted on the race.

  2. Starting to read your blog with interest. Congrats on the race.

  3. Oh so it was you. I was taking the pics. Does Des gibbons still run for Pennine? Well done on the race BTW.

  4. Yep Des still does run for Pennine. He organises quite a few races in the calendar as well mate. Good pictures