Friday, 9 July 2010

My Mercian

Its taken a while but custom build bikes do. Its just how it is. I collected my new Mercian today and blasted out 40miles on it and then sat down just looking at it. When I was a youngster to have a Mercian was like entering into an aristocratic world of road cycling. All the best roadmen around here owned on. Most like me had to make do with a Raleigh Arena or say a Banana team copy bike. Well I saved my pennies and now have my own Mercian.
Not quite as quick as my Rourky as its made of slightly heavier tubing and doesnt have Cosmic Carbone wheels but the ride went well and with the smaller frame size which is just over 51" it gives me a little more of a touring style of ride. You have a little more toe overlap but after about 10 miles I was used to it.

The famous head tube badge

Reynolds 631. You wont get a more comfier ride than this steel.