Friday, 23 July 2010

Sheldon Fell Race

Last night was the Sheldon Fell Race.
Not a difficult race really but it sets off like a rocket as the first quarter of the route is downhill. I had set this race as what I call my checking my progress race. Unlike a lot of runners who pick out the larger more popular races to work to and try and improve their time from previous years, I tend to use the shorter faster races to see how I am doing. Last year I was 6th and just over 28minutes so at th start I wasn't feeling confident on beating that. The hooter set us off and I just ran as fast as I could with the usual suspects around me. By the time I reached the las part of the race which includes a short wicked climb I was really hurting. I managed to just about run up the climb in a fashion and t the finish I was shot. 6th again but 2 minutes quicker. Simply answer for this is the fact I weigh less than I did last year. Ive recently cut down my weekly mileage and started eating less. It seems to have worked over the last few races that I have done but I am not sure about the long fell races where I have always seemed to need a bit more meat on my bones. Time will tell and I didnt even have a bag of chips on the way home last night.
Its a lovely race is Sheldon and is brilliantly organised