Sunday, 27 September 2009

Whernside Fell Race

Whernside Fell Race
A warm day for this one and really not my conditions. A long hard trudge up to the summit of Whernside which seemed to go on for ages but I knew that once this had been reached that most of the climbing would be completed. I didnt start feeling anything like comfortable until I had reached the Whernside tarns just before the last pull up to the summit. The race had a few tracky parts to it meaning not true fell and this is where I suffered a bit.
I did try to eat one of those energy GELS, but I hate them and ended up with sticky goo all on my hands and face as I climbed up to the last summit of the race being Great Coum. A blast down back to Dent and very glad to see the finish field come into view.
I tussled with a Bowland Fell Runner for a long way around the route and he knew his way so on the last part of the race I just managed to stick near enough to him so that I did not have to get the map and compass out.
Another new race completed for me but phew it was a tough 12ish miles with lots of climb
On another probably cooler day I could have gained a couple more places but I was happy with how I had done.

The quaint village of Dent

Its got cobbly streets and for a moment you could be down in St Ives in Cornwall

The Howgills, not the area that the race route is run over but there not far away.
Start field

Weary runners washing off the dirt of the race in the river. It was very cold but nice all the same.
Even on a warm day the Emergency Services can be needed. These guys provide much needed cover for races. Usually the Mountain Rescue but this time the Cave Rescue.

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