Sunday, 27 September 2009

Quick badger security are coming

Sunday morning and my legs was aching after the fell race so I decided ( well no , Badger woke me up and gave me that look ) to have a wander around the Ironworks with my camera. We did however venture lets say a little to close.
The works are massive and the parts that I have been taking pictures of are just a tiny part of the site so I thought I would snap a few more shots of different parts of the works.

Gate 2, how hard can it be
Inside part of the works there is a secret pond, square shaped and not many people know about it
Pipes with the part of the site that is being demolished right in the distance. Gives some idea of the size of the place
Stanhope Plant stores. The site had many plants within itself. Central Melting Plant, Stanhope Plant, Dale Plant, Hallam Plant and many more.
Mould boring shop just prior to the security van incident. Quick badger scarper
These are imported pipes. Instead of coming straight out of the works they now come in from Europe via containers

Badger having a mid walk drink

Hundreds of containers. What are they gonna do with them. They have nothing to put in them to get rid of them. They could melt them down of course to make pipes , but they have closed the plant. Catch 22. It makes me wonder.

Chance to shoot the main Wellman crane inside the Melting plant
The plant is starting to look very bare now. The chimney has gone and it looks a sorry state. The Hallam plant is the building on the right.
The Hallam plant maufactured the 1600mm pipes and I once watched one being spun in about 30 seconds.

Main entrance view to the plant clearly showing the main Wellman crane girders. Id say about as tall as me easily.

Badger inside an imported pipe. They would make great dog agility trainers
The yellow Wellman crane again. You can see the operators cab that sits under the crane to the left.

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