Friday, 18 September 2009

Watch it come down

Watch it come down
The Stanton Ironworks site continues to be demolished. Soon all the buildings will be gone and any reference to the site will be forgotten.
A few more pictures that I took. The demolition is now being carried out on the main Central Melting Plant building

Flange plant crane, this part of the site remains working

A picture prior to demolition

The site even has its own fire station

The shearer exiting the main building

The inner steelwork now exposed

The CMP building nearing the end of its life

err same picture and I dont know how to to remove it

The building is being stripped from the inside to leave the outer walls which will be removed last
Access to the site is now severly limited. Over the last few years its been easy to wander around the area but now its almost impossible and Ive had quite a few funny looks from the personel who are working there. They are probably wondering what a man clad only in shorts and a vest complete with a border collie and a camera is taking pictures of them for.


  1. keep em coming daz brilliant photos mate of the demolition thanks again

  2. Hi LBFR, good to see you blogging; how many people would the site have employed?
    Post more photos please!!!

  3. Thankyou Uphill
    Im told by my father in law that 14,000 worked there when he started in the fifties.