Saturday, 22 August 2009


I visited Switzerland last year and thought I would post a few pictures
The face of the Eiger. I ran below it despite the warnings

Hoorah ive found the Matterhorn. Not difficult as it dominates the sky above the village of Zeeeeeeermat. Actually I have got YMCA on my I pod and am doing that dance.

This picture wil be familiar to some. Its Ulrikaaa my own cow that the Swiss gave me complete with bell.

The Swiss can knock up a cable car in 40 minutes, Honest they can . Trains and Cable car making is def there game.

Cant remember this bit but thats the Matterhorn on the distance folks.

The world famous Glacier Express train

The famous Matterhorn with the Hornlihutte below it to the left. I ran up to the hut where the climbers stay before they attempt the Mountain. One of the most memorable runs I have ever done.

Painted rocks give the grade of the route. I came across these on every run I did in the Alps

Unlike the fells in England the Swiss Alps have signs on them. I presume to help those who cannot navigate ?

Posing on one of our walks

Just below the face of the Matterhorn

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