Monday, 31 August 2009


I run for two running clubs. Ilkeston RC and Pennine Fellrunners.
Ilkeston was my first club and I run on the roads and XC for them. Although the fells take up more of my time competition wise I occasionally return to the roads or cross country to compete for them. I have now reached the dizzy heights of club Chairman which err really is the easiest job on the commitee. They are a great club and I would never run for anyone else locally as I believe in staying loyal. We have some strong competiton in the area and its not very often we win much but the club has been going for a long time and there are some great people associated with it.

Same event and Im actually about to catch someone for once. I remember these events well as we use to run with the juniors.

The Ilkeston A team at the Pride Park relays. We placed well and im now the oldest member of the team. Not long ago I was the youngest.

Mid flight in Ilkeston colours. The traditional white vest with red band complemented by red shorts and red flats. Shame about the black socks

Asleep for the team photo. Not a good start

This must be about 5 years ago. A winter XC league race for Ilkeston.

Pride Park relays. A long way from the fells. 2 miles of pure pain and ive never done this event under 11 minutes. I find its harder to run 2 miles on the flat than to finish say Borrowdale.
So Id say choose your Running or Athletic club wisely. Clubs are great places to meet people and can be an entry into competition or just a place to run with like minded people.

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