Tuesday, 11 August 2009

In a mood

Now every now and then Badger gets in a mood and Monday was no exception. He started off the run in a mood and ended the run in a mood. Only snapping out of it when he finally managed to winkle out a tin of tuna fish at my mothers house. We set off and ran the Dale Abbey horseshoe run as I call it.

Yawning and we have yet to set off

A quick drink before we carry on. Badger has never drank water from his bowl at home ( you tell me ?). He will drink from our fishpond, canal, puddles, lake, and virtually any other water source.

Always in front and waiting( almost tutting) as I scramble up the rocks behind him.

Waiting again for me.

Racing off in front again

He has come back to find me to see whats going on. After 6 miles he isnt even out of breath.

The beautiful Dale Abbey Arch

The Arch has just been re pointed. My father in laws dad re pointed this many years ago. There is a picture somewhere.

Dale Pond, another drink stop

Now a set up picture I know but I was trying to get him to jump over it

Nope cant be bothered

Okay take 34 and he plays for the camera.
Badger is a wonderful dog and makes me laugh everytime we run together. Border Collies make great pets but you have to exercise them regular. Badger could easily do 60/70 miles a week and not even think about it. I keep him at about 30miles a week as he walks most days with my Mother in law which gives him extra exercise and taxes his mind which Collies thrive upon.

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