Monday, 22 June 2009


One thing a fellrunner can do very efficiently is EAT. You consume so many calories that replacing them is vital. Carbohydrate loading is a word most runners will be familiar with and PASTA my favourite food is a good way of putting back energy into your body. Ive eaten god knows how much Pasta over the years and still love it today.
Most of my fellow runners will have a favourite recipe that they have got which they can cook down to the second. It can be a sport in itself cooking pasta after a run. Me well i just get some Bortolli sauce, onion, anchovies, tuna, tomatoes and throw it into a pan. Maybe lob in a few capers for taste. Add the fresh pasta and sorted.
Quick and easy and the perfect meal.
The wonderful thing about fellrunning is that you get to eat pretty well.

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