Monday, 29 June 2009

Bob Graham support

The annual weekend of our Bob Graham round attempts has passed and successfully we managed to get four contenders around the route.
For those that don't know, the BG round is a challenge that anyone can undertake. It involves starting at the Moot hall in Keswick and takes in 42 Lakeland summits.The contender must return and touch the Moot Hall within 24hrs to become a member of the famous Bob Graham club.
The difficulty being that the round is approx 70miles long which in itself isn't hard to do in 24hrs but the up and down or climb IS. Its recognised that during the route the runner must cover about 28,000ft of up and down or the equivalent of climbing up to the summit of Mount Everest and back from sea level within a day.
This makes the challenge extremely difficult indeed. So many factors can affect the outcome. Weather, fitness,pacers, food, injuries, navigation. All play a part.
Some contenders undertake there challenge with an estalished club whilst some just do low key attempts with there friends. All challenges must be registered and each summit that is visited must be recorded by a pacer who checks the time.
Anyway like I said this weekend was my turn to be a pacer as last year I successfully managed to complete the challenge and take my place on the membership board.
The weather was hot and humid but varied enough that we had a big dowpour on one of the summits.
The best thing about the whole weekend and indeed the build up to a Bob Graham round is the people who are involved. The company of like minded individuals whilst either reccying or attempting a round is amazing.
For me now that I have completed my round its the satisfaction of helping others that want to do it. I served my time pacing then had my chance and completed but now will continue to pace and support future rounds as that is the way of the Bob Graham.
There isnt anything like it in any other sport. The fells of Lakeland are unique and with it the BG remains one of the hardest challenges there is.

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