Friday, 10 August 2012

Parwich Fell Race

The Parwich Race was a tough event. My legs were not working at the start when I was warming up, mainly due to the 65mile bike ride that I did the previous night. It took a couple of miles to get into it but I just could not catch the Ashbourne runner in 2nd position and by the time I started to push on a bit he was just to far away. I made ground on the final climb but it was not long enough to catch him.
You get that sometimes with races that don't have much climbing in them. This course is quite technical in places and If you put the many stiles out of your mind it really does make for a nice race.
The hard bit that I learned last year is just to hold on as you run for about a mile on the trail.
I managed 3rd and First Vet which was okay but I was 18 seconds down on last year. And today I turned 42.
Sorry just slipping slightly out of Laidback mode.
Who cares about times. You train, you turn up, you do your best and do another one.
Must do something about my white legs !!!

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