Monday, 6 August 2012

Are we getting there

I must have been asked a thousand times over the years about doping in cycling. We seem to have turned a corner these last 2/3 years. The times have changed and the old ways seem to be a thing of the past. We will never eradicate fully the problem of doping.
We are having a fantastic Olympics and the Tour was just something that I never thought I would see in my lifetime.
The new era has arrived and we have many to thank for that. 
Cycling is becoming popular again and a new interest has developed with the success that we have had. Lets hope it continues and more people will get on their bikes.
Bradley Wiggins summed it up  
Anyone can get on a bike.

My advice to anyone that has just got a bike is to not try and break records. Just pedal and do a few miles. It takes time for your fitness to come and more importantly it takes a while for your backside to get use to sitting on a saddle for long periods of time. Take plenty of breaks and maybe a Cafe stop or two. Get some good quality clothing and cycling shoes and go from there.
If you have yet to purchase a bike. Pleeease Pleeease Pleeease get the correct size. This is paramount.
So many new riders get a bike that is too big for them. It is now much easier to get sized correctly. It can cost initially but is worth it.
Like doping, bike fitting using the old black art way is a thing of the past unless you get fitted by someone who actually knows what they are doing.
So all you need then is a milkshake in your bidon and your away. 

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